Dick Gig Schedule

13 06 2009

Hi all. Dick here. To see where I’ll be playing in the future click this link:

Dick’s Schedule

I’m working on adding a full calendar to the website but use this in the meantime. Later…
Dick McCool


Flying Cloud Confirmed for the summer

8 05 2009

Dick here. I just confirmed with the fine folks over at the Flying Cloud that I’ll be performing there every Saturday afternoon (weather permitting) this summer from 2pm-6pm. I’ll be there from Saturday, May 23rd (Memorial Day Weekend) until Saturday, September 5th (Labor Day Weekend). The Flying Cloud is located in Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City over by the Aquarium. I’ll be set up on the outside deck by the water. It’s a great setting for a lazy Saturday with a beer, a burger and your favorite Dick. I hope to see everyone there sometime this summer.

Dick McCool

Woody’s Return to NJ Cancelled

30 04 2009

Sorry to give you guys bad news for the second time but Woody will not be returning for the summer as I previously announced in March. Instead, I plan to continue with my solo performances in some of the same spots as Woody and I performed as the McCool Bros. I will make further announcements here as my solo gigs are confirmed. Until then, I hope to see you all at Fred and Ethel’s in Smithville this Saturday night from 7:30-11:30. It will be my first solo performance ever and my first time back to Fred and Ethel’s since the McCool Bros. played there last May 2nd (wow, it’s been a year already?). Looking to the future…

Dick McCool

Dick goes solo @ Fred & Ethel’s on Sat., May 2nd

22 03 2009

Finally lined up my first solo gig, thanks to Joe and Dawn McCool, at Fred & Ethel’s in Smithville on Saturday, May 2nd from 7:30pm-11:30pm. This is my first solo gig so come on out and support your favorite Dick. I need all the support I can get!

Woody Returns for the Summer!

22 03 2009

That’s right folks. Woody has decided to come back to New Jersey for the McCool Bros. summer schedule beginning on Memorial Day Weekend at the Flying Cloud in Atlantic City. We’ll be performing at the Cloud every Saturday afternoon 1:30pm-5:30pm, weather permitting, and Sunday evening at Maynard’s in Margate from 6pm-10pm until Labor Day weekend rolls around in September. We’re also back on the Wildwood boardwalk again on Thurdsday nights from 7-9 starting in July for ten consecutive weeks. Come on out and celebrate the summer 2009 season with the McCool Bros. We may also be making some suprise appearances at some local venues, schedule permitting, during the summer months so check back here for the latest updates.

Dick McCool Update:

28 01 2009

It’s the end of January already and I’ve been working really hard trying to get my solo act together to hit the road again. I’ve had to drop some material that Woody sang as it’s too high for me but I’ve added some new material that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t really fit in with the ‘McCool Bros’. Mostly 60’s pop hits like ‘Judy in Disguise’ and ‘In the Midnight Hour’ but also a few islandy things to replace some of the Marley stuff that I’m not doing anymore. As of this date I have yet to book any gigs but I’m getting really close. Look for me to start playing sometime in late March or early April. I can’t wait to see you all again. The spirit of the McCool Bros. lives on!

Dick McCool

McCool Bros. Update

28 12 2008

Hi to all you McCool Bros. fans and a happy holiday season to everyone. I’ve been in contact with Woody and he’s having such a great time in Florida that it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the area for the McCool’s summer schedule. I wish my brother all the best in the sunny state and hope he’ll return for a visit in the near future. While he’s enjoying himself basking in the warmth, I will be continuing the McCool Bros. tradition of island music and classic rock for the foreseeable future. In the coming months look for appearances of ‘Dick McCool’ at Fred & Ethel’s in Smithville, NJ and a full summer schedule in Wildwood, Atlantic City and Margate. Come out and support your favorite Dick! I’ll post appearance dates here as they are confirmed. Woody may be gone for now but you can always have Dick… See you soon.

Oh, and you can always contact me at mccoolbros@gmail.com if you want to book a date or just want to stay in touch.

Dick McCool